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super excited bc I KNOW yall are gonna ❤ it

Thank you in advance

this was my video diary before I released it


Day-2 Great day today!

Hey Dolls!

Hope everyone is well. Well I sold more books today


Still having issues with getting my cover right…so annoyed but you know what Amazon?

Ima keep on working my butt off until it gets right

Its cool because if my book printed out wrong or the cover on crooked or something I would be mad


So I am going to just ride out with the process. I resubmitted it AGAIN lets just hope and pray that this time it gets approved and we can get to printing some books

Because I’m almost there

and dreams dome true LOL

Im trying to get here ^^^^^


Love you Dolls and thanks always for the support,


Patrice TheAuthor Austin

Day 1- the EXCITEMENT!!!

Hello Dolls,

Today has just been great!


One of the most happiest days of my life! No lie!


I have literally been like this all day long with my Dolls.

Self publishing is very stressful but rewarding.

Stressful because all of the pressure IS on you.

Rewarding because the pressure is on YOU.

You make your own deadlines and your own way. I didn’t have to compromise my art and direction for anyone and when I edited my book I was able to do it MY way.

It may take a few updates to get everything right but if its a screw up I won’t be yelling at anyone else and mad because I paid them and they forgot to do something.

I was up for probably 24 hours straight the day before I released the book. So today I was like a zombie all day.


I finally took a nap image

But now I am starting to feel myself again. Now I have worked HOURS on the cover for the paperback book on Photoshop submitted it to Amazon and just got an email that because its a little bit off I have to do it over and resubmit.

Now THIS is how I feel right now



Just kidding 🙂

Back to the drawing board I guess it’ll be another long night.

So let me fix myself and get ready LOL

thanks 4 all the support ! 🙂

seeya Dolls,

Patrice TheAuthor Austin