WON a Les Twins Fanfic Award for Best Heroine

thanks yalll sooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! OMG I wanna thank the LT Ladies who got love for me and got my back my LT Dolls, and all those who nominated and voted for LT Wifey! I cant even describe how happy it makes me feel to know that yall have been enjoying my work..writing is my passion […]

Marsha’s Doll at #3 on African American Urban Top 100

Told yall Im coming for that #1 spot My new ebook released on Friday. Marsha’s Doll at #3 yall in Best Sellers in African American Urban Fiction #blessed get your copy free here http://amzn.com/B00AWY97KI God is so good! #blessed video blog entry coming later today..I just had to share that #selfmade they said I couldn’t […]

My inspiration Shanika

  So earlier this year I was having some personal issues and heading in a downward spiral. Les Twins got me through it with their videos.   Then I discovered a fan fiction story about them on Les Twins Love Facebook page  called Deception. One day I decided not to lurk but to comment on […]

December 25th, 2012 Christmas Day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!! MERRY Christmas Dolls Hey Dolls…Merry christmas !!! BIG things are coming very soon!!! Cant speak on it yet but all Ima say is BOOKS and BEATS make my world go round When you surround yourself with positive people positive things are BOUND to happen! But be mindful of who has your back and who […]