My inspiration Shanika

  So earlier this year I was having some personal issues and heading in a downward spiral. Les Twins got me through it with their videos.   Then I discovered a fan fiction story about them on Les Twins Love Facebook page  called Deception. One day I decided not to lurk but to comment on […]

December 25th, 2012 Christmas Day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!! MERRY Christmas Dolls Hey Dolls…Merry christmas !!! BIG things are coming very soon!!! Cant speak on it yet but all Ima say is BOOKS and BEATS make my world go round When you surround yourself with positive people positive things are BOUND to happen! But be mindful of who has your back and who […]


ATTENTION ATTENTION—GET YOUR FREE COPY OF PAIGE’S DOLL STARTING TOMM UNTIL SATURDAY AT 12AM -a short story about Paige’s childhood and how she ended up the way she is now. I know you guys will enjoy this…if you don’t have a Kindle its okay you can download a free app for your Android or Iphone […]

Day-2 Great day today!

Hey Dolls! Hope everyone is well. Well I sold more books today   Still having issues with getting my cover right…so annoyed but you know what Amazon? Ima keep on working my butt off until it gets right Its cool because if my book printed out wrong or the cover on crooked or something I […]

Day 1- the EXCITEMENT!!!

Hello Dolls, Today has just been great! One of the most happiest days of my life! No lie! I have literally been like this all day long with my Dolls. Self publishing is very stressful but rewarding. Stressful because all of the pressure IS on you. Rewarding because the pressure is on YOU. You make […]