WON a Les Twins Fanfic Award for Best Heroine

thanks yalll sooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! OMG I wanna thank the LT Ladies who got love for me and got my back my LT Dolls, and all those who nominated and voted for LT Wifey! I cant even describe how happy it makes me feel to know that yall have been enjoying my work..writing is my passion and 2 share it has always been a dream of mine that YALL all helped come true. I got alot of hate in the beginning about making Criminalz criminals but yall understood the fun in fan FICTION and rode w me all the way …many many many thanks to ALL of yall !!! Extra thanx to all of yall who make edits and gifs bc yall inspired me each time w the beautiful work yall do. I have ALWAYS admired it its amazing what yall do! 


and of course thanks to Larry n Laurent for just being an inspiration 2 follow your dreams and never give up! 



Looking for bloggers or writers!!!

Is writing your passion? Or do you have some expertise on a subject that you want to share with the world. Bloggers or anyone that may be interested in writing on a HUGE upcoming site. Hit me up or send anyone u know that may be interested my way the following categories are what we are looking for:
Woman, Sex, humor and Relationships
Book Reviews
Fashion, Beauty and Skin care
Healthy foods
Sexuality & religion
Video Bloggers
you can hit me up here on Facebook or pass my email address on to anyone you know that may be a good fit.
Thanks for your time **we are also looking for graphic artists as well**

Re-release of Le Twins Wife Volume 1

So as some of you may know I have been editing my 1st novel over with some help from my fellow Doll Monica Neal Davis ‘ help. I am pleased to announce it is almost complete. I will be re-releasing Le Twins Wife Vol 1 with some new additions and also all errors fixed. Once I get it up and running I will offer it FREE for 1 DAY so that all the purchased a copy can download the correct version of the book. Thank you ALL for your support in my dream and supporting me doing this all on my own. And all who purchased a paperback copy I will be sure to get a new copy to you as well
((signed of course))
❤ P

Marsha’s Doll at #3 on African American Urban Top 100

Told yall Im coming for that #1 spot

My new ebook released on Friday. Marsha’s Doll at #3 yall in Best Sellers in African American Urban Fiction

get your copy free here

God is so good!


video blog entry coming later today..I just had to share that


they said I couldn’t do it…

love ya ll Dolls


My inspiration Shanika


So earlier this year I was having some personal issues and heading in a downward spiral. Les Twins got me through it with their videos.


Then I discovered a fan fiction story about them on Les Twins Love Facebook page  called Deception. One day I decided not to lurk but to comment on the story and thats how I met Shanika. She and I instantly clicked and I clicked that Add Friend button on Facebook. We began talking about Deception and our hate for the main character and I found myself laughing so hard at Shanika

we would be up all night cracking up on Facebook. We shared our stories and found we were very similar in many ways. So I told her about my love for writing and she challenged me to write a fan fic of my own about Laurent ((yes Ima Laurent girl))

So one night after tucking my kids in to sleep I snuggled under a blanket on my couch and put on my Beats By Dre headphones and played Kanye West Runaway and zoned out and wrote the 1st chapter. I was scared to share it because I didn’t know what anyone may think. I rushed to post it and Shanika was the 1st to read it. She loved it. I started to share it on my Twitter,Tumblr and Facebook next thing I knew I went from 8 views the 1st day to 565 views by the end of the week and these views were from all over the world. I felt so happy. I got a few haters saying it was too violent ect. but I keep at it and


and my views just kept getting higher and higher. I was nominated and WON Best LT Fanfic online by the LT fans. And the writing pulled me right out of what I was going through. I found myself again and never felt better. I owe all of it to this one person who believed in me when my light was dim. I found MY happiness again in writing. 

Now lemme make this clear my children are my world and they make me happy but often times as parents we loose ourselves in making everyone else happy and we forget to do things for ourselves. The writing was for ME and no matter what I went through or ever go through or where I am NOONE can take that from me. I watched Shanika go from her own issues to achieving one of her dreams of dancing and meeting the twins which inspired me as well…I kept pushing her to that she didnt think it was possible but she did it!


Not just once

but TWICE this year

Further more proving to me that ANYTHING is possible! So my dream was to publish a book.

Something that if you asked me at the beginning of this year would I have done I would kindly laugh at you but now

I DID IT! Despite ALL of the things trying to stop me I made no excuses but kept pushing and did it and have met so many amazing people in the process. I am so excited for what this new year brings for myself and my NEW sister Shanika! I can’t wait for us BOTH to attend a workshop together and dance together with the twins. This picture of her with this book just means the world to me ANYTHING is possible when you believe and you have someone who believes in your vision. Often times God sends us angels where we least expect it.


I will continue to fight

Write and accomplish all my dreams


get your copy of the book here

December 25th, 2012 Christmas Day


MERRY Christmas Dolls

Hey Dolls…Merry christmas !!! BIG things are coming very soon!!! Cant speak on it yet but all Ima say is BOOKS and BEATS make my world go round

When you surround yourself with positive people positive things are BOUND to happen! But be mindful of who has your back and who doesn’t! 🙂

So yeah ebooks I did a free promotion from Wed-Sat and lookie here where it got me

and now here we are 600 plus downloads later!!! Yes on my SECOND project completely SELF produced! You can do it..anything you wanna do don’t let anyone tell you any different…

I’ve been going in so hard with the books and beats that I sprained my wrist twice now LOL so Ima slow down now a bit and focus on the beats and let the books do their thing. But Paige’s Doll Prequels have been a huge hit so I am definitely going to keep those going too so expect another one of those by next week. All readers can appreciate a short story, especially when its juicy.

Paige’s Doll can be purchases here


And Le Twins Wife Vol 1 here


and remember

Ill holla at you Dolls later ❤ you all

❤ yall